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Re: help newuser

On 8/24/07, telus321 <> wrote:
> guys, i am relatively a newbi when it comes linux bsd (cygnet) because i am
> windows user, i am trying to learn the linux platform/system, it comes to my
> attention the cygnet program i download does not have sudo command how can i
> have a complete installation which would allow to practice and learn the
> linux system.  Any input would help
> i am running on windows xp sp2

It's very good you have decided to try to learn something new.  Some
of the statements you made indicate that maybe you have a different
conception about what cygwin is used for.  Cygwin, while a very good
product for use on Windows, is not the same as Linux.  Using cygwin,
you will be able to get an understanding of how a linux-like system
works, and you should be able to get comfortable with the environment.
 However, it also has many differences from Linux, so many of the
things you might be looking for on a typical Linux system are not
available for cygwin.

For your specific questions, other's have already answered that should
help you in that regard.

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