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RE: help newuser

On 24 August 2007 17:32, telus321 wrote:

> guys, i am relatively a newbi when it comes linux bsd (cygnet) because i am
> windows user, i am trying to learn the linux platform/system, it comes to my
> attention the cygnet program i download does not have sudo command how can i
> have a complete installation which would allow to practice and learn the
> linux system.  Any input would help

  Cygwin (not 'cygnet'!) can't do everything exactly the same as linux, because
it has to base what it can do on the features and support offered by the
underlying windows operating system.  Basically, the user you become under cygwin
is whatever user you logged in as at the windows desktop, and changing to other
identities isn't supported; Cygwin doesn't have sudo, so you'd want to log in to
windows as a user with Administrator rights and then when you start Cygwin,
you'll be the equivalent of root.

  This is a vast oversimplification, there are in fact tricks you can use to do
things that are a bit like sudo/login/su, but they're pretty advanced and
probably not what you want to distract yourself with until you're much more
familiar with the overall system.  If you want to scare yourself ;-), go ahead
and read through the notes at:

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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