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Location problem with init.tcl

I'm getting an error message using Tcl/Tk:

Application initialization failed
Can't find a usable init.tcl in the following directories:
/share/tcl8.4  /usr/local/share/tcl8.4  /library /usr/local/library

NB there is no directory /share/ and no directory /library/ in Cygwin, though there are directories /usr/share/ and /usr/lib/ (ie /lib/)

In fact init.tcl is in /usr/share/tcl8.4.

This problem was last referred to this year at

and the poster hypothesised that "Probably the correct values for --sharedir, --prefix, or whatever are not being sent to the tcl builds".

I thought I might cope by copying init.tcl to one of the searched directories, but simply found myself moving further along the error trajectory, this time to a "invalid command name tcl_findLibrary" failure.

Is the conjecture that there's something adrift with --sharedir or --prefix in the tcl builds a correct one (or a likely one) and is this something that could be addressed?

Thank you.


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