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Re: mmroff is installed with a bad path to perl after installing groff

Mike Burns wrote:
mmroff is a perl script that is installed along with groff.

I'm not sure if cygwin setup is supposed to detect dependencies, but
it doesn't realize that perl is required.

After installing perl, the path to the perl interpreter is incorrect
in the mmroff script.

I'm also not sure if this is the responsibility of cygwin or groff
but the mmroff script tries to find perl in /usr/local/bin instead of

That would be a packaging error.  One might also say that the missing
dependency is a packaging error but I think it also raises a more important
question - does it make sense to have Perl pulled in by dependencies from
the "Base" category of packages (i.e. those installed by default even if the
user selects nothing else)?  This is a rhetorical question though.  It has
been asked and answered before.  The answer was "no".  So it would seem
that if 'mmroff' has a dependency on Perl and 'groff' will be pulled in
as part of a base installation, 'mmroff' needs to be pulled out into its
own package if Cygwin is going to continue to provide it.  There may be
other options as well, which the 'groff' maintainer is free to explore.

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