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Re: Vista: mount/umount -s permission denied

On Thu, 23 Aug 2007, Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:

Dick Repasky wrote:

On Windows Vista Enterprise, I consistently receive "permission denied" errors when using cygwin mount/umount commands on system mounts (mount/umount -s ...). I cannot mount novel system mount points (e.g., mount -s -b C:\\bonga /usr/local) or unmount existing system mount points (e.g., umount -s /usr/lib). The same is true from the cygwin bash prompt, from within a cygwin bash script, from the windows command prompt (C:\cygwin\bin\mount -s ...) or from within a windows .bat file.

 The system is a single-user system, and my identity is that under which
 setup.exe was run to install cygwin.

I have not had this issue with cygwin under XP.

User mounts (mount/umount -u) work just fine for me on Vista.

 Are system mounts supposed to be unmutable?  If so, oh.  If not, is there
 a work-around, or what have I done wrongly?

Try turning off UAC.  Otherwise, give your user the ability to add/remove/
update all registry entries.

Yes, UAC is the issue, thanks.


Dick Repasky Center for Computational Cytomics UITS Cubicle 101.08 Indiana University USA

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