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Re: Bash

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According to Jam One on 8/22/2007 8:25 AM:
>>>> I have downloaded the recent copy of cygwin and
> there
>>>> is no "bash.exe" in the cygwin/bin directory, yet
> the
>>>> cygwin.bat file points to the bash command.
>>>> What is your recommendation?
> Follow the directions, and attach the output of
> 'cygcheck -svr' as a text
> attachment, so we can see why your installation
> appears to be broken.
> Also, try rerunning setup.exe, and make sure it
> picks up everything you
> need.  Bash should be an automatic part of the base
> install.

> Dear Eric,
> Thanks for your reply, when I went to download the
> cygwin, I checked in the bin directory on the
> site, and there was no bash as a part of
> the install. You can check this to verify yourself.

Why are you directly downloading from the mirror?  The point of setup.exe
is to do the downloading for you, so that you don't directly have to grab
stuff from the mirrors and risk messing up the installation yourself.

> I am also attaching the output of 'cygcheck -svr' on
> my computer.

Your attachment was not given a text MIME format, making it harder to read.

> Path:   .
>         C:\WINDOWS\system32

Not necessarily a bug, but you are inviting problems by putting . ahead of
normal directories.  It is wiser to put . last, if you want it in your PATH.

>         \C:\WINDOWS\system32

Hmm, that PATH entry looks suspicious.  Maybe it is the cause of your

> Cygwin Package Information
> Last downloaded files to: I:\Downloads\cygwin_downloads
> Last downloaded files from:

Looks like you have a normal download...

> bash                     3.2.15-13

with bash already installed.  Therefore, I don't know that I follow your
complaint about bash not being available.

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