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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated [experimental]: coreutils-6.9-5

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According to Reini Urban on 8/21/2007 3:26 PM:
>> This is a minor patch release.  It attempts to add some
>> case-insensitivity
>> smarts to mv, cp, and install.  In other words, 'mv a A' should now cause
>> the file to be renamed, rather than reporting an error, if 'a' and 'A'
>> happen to be case-insensitive synonyms for the same file.
> Great, thanks!
> Are you planning to submit the patch upstream?

My patch turned out to be more invasive than I would have liked.  Also,
there have been upstream discussions on the problem (since Mac HFS, and
even Linux mounts to FAT, are also affected).  The biggest problem is that
my patch uses <sys/cygwin.h>, which is NOT portable - there really is no
good way (at the moment) across all three platforms to tell if a directory
is case-insensitive.  It would be nice if there was a pathconf(directory,
_PC_CASE_INSENSITIVE) that could quickly be queried to see if
case-insensitivity is even worth worrying about for the directory in
question.  Also brought up on the coreutils list is the problem that the
kernel's notion of file system case-insensitivity may be different from
the current locale's definition of case-insensitivity (not really an issue
for cygwin so long as we don't really support locales, but definitely an
issue for Linux and Mac).

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