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Re: Shell scripts on FAT volumes

On Aug 21 15:37, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
> [Cygwin latest snapshot]
> I just noticed (on two different Windows XP) Cygwin installation that 
> Shebang shell scripts are not executable on FAT32 volumes (like usb 
> drives). The mount man page says "Normally, files ending in certain 
> extensions (.exe, .com,  .bat,  .cmd) are  assumed  to be executable.  
> Files whose first two characters begin with  '#!' are also considered 
> to be executable."
> Is that expected behaviour?

Right now, yes.  I have disabled code which sets the x bit by reading
the first bytes of a file to figure out if it starts with magic chars
like '#!'.  The reason I disabled this code in the first place is the
fact that it's not thread safe.  I even considered it entirely
unnecessary, but apparently it's not.  However, even though the scripts
don't have the x bit set, they are nevertheless executable.  Try it:

  (This is on FAT)
  $ cat > << EOF
  echo hallo
  $ ls -l
  -rw-r--r-- 1 corinna users 23 Aug 21 16:55
  $ ./


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