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A problem with setup.exe (?)

I have observed this problem with setup.exe 2.575, 2.573.2.2 and 2.578
(but, perhaps it is not a stricly setup problem).

Usually when one has some experimental package installed, setup, while
installing some other package, tries to reinstall the 'Cur' package. So
one should click to keep the exp. package. And this is OK.

This morning I forgot this and setup started to reinstall the cur. version
of libtool package. When I see this I clicked the 'Cancel' button to break
the reinstall.

This has caused a corrupted lst.gz file (libtool1.5.lst.gz): trying to
gunzip manually:

          unexpected end of file

When I have tried to reinstall the package (to be sure that all was OK),
choosing 'Reinstall', there was the error window:

   An error occured in setup-2.573.2.2....
   Falag the error to Microsoft..

and setup hanged.

After many tries, the solution has been to remove the corrupted lst.gz
file and then reinstalling.

So the question is: Should setup give a warning that the lst.gz file
was corrupted, suggesting to remove it?

But perhaps, the simplest solution should be to remove the 'Cancel' button
from setup...



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