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Re: Problem building GCC on Cygwin on Vista

Aaron Gray wrote:

A Windows text editor called Zeus.

That's it. I bet the problem disappears if you use a Cygwin text editor such as vim.

When a native Windows app creates a file, it usually does not do
anything special with the ACL, so it gets whatever the default
inheritable permissions of the directory happen to be, which it looks
like are not correct.

You could also try a native editor that edits in-place instead of the
usual "create new file with temporary name then rename".

Except its not a file I have editted that is causing the problem, they are all behaving fine.

Things are a bit slow at this end due to other tasks and I am running out of time before I am back home away from my Vista machine at my parents so this may have to be put on hold as getting back to the original problem place is taking longer than I though and producing meaning full results from examining source will take a while.

Hopefully I will have some results soon...


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