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Re: REAL Problem building GCC on Cygwin on Vista

On Aug 20 16:20, Dave Korn wrote:
On 20 August 2007 15:49, Aaron Gray wrote:
>>> On 19 August 2007 20:22, Aaron Gray wrote:
> AFACT this actually looks like a Vista problem.
> [...]
  Hm, that sounds like a file that you have write but not delete

> Can someone look into this please,

  Well, just to state the obvious, /you/ would be the most ideally-placed
person to do so.

  I don't even have Vista, so I'm kinda ruled out there, but I'd take a
at the perms and ACLs of conftest.dir and the existing depcomp file in
using both 'getfacl' to show cygwin's view of the posix-style perms, and
'cacls' to compare with windoze's opinion.

BTW, you didn't by any chance use winzip to unpack the tarball did you?


Apart from that, the file permission settings are the same in Vista
compared to older OSes.  The exception is the UAC stuff which could
result in some executables having less permissions than usual, if, for
instance, Internet Explorer has been used to download the executable.
We can hopefully rule this out here, so it's just some permission
problem which has nothing to do with the base OS.

Works fine on XP. The only things that are diferent are the Cygwin instillation and Vista.

 Note: Not all
problems on Vista are Vista's (or, FWIW, Cygwin's) fault.  See, for
example for one possible explanation
of the problem.

Nice reply :)

Does look like a case of PEBCAK.

Unmodified GCC 4.2.0 compiles okay, but when modified cracks appear, only on Vista though, XP is okay. So must be something to do with permissions.


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