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RE: REAL Problem building GCC on Cygwin on Vista

On 20 August 2007 15:49, Aaron Gray wrote:

>>> On 19 August 2007 20:22, Aaron Gray wrote:
>> Now I having a problem with libcpp getting the error :-
>>    checking dependancy style of gcc...
>> /usr/src/gcc-4.2.0/libcpp/configure: line 2887: ./depcomp: premission
>> denied.
> AFACT this actually looks like a Vista problem.
> I replaced line 2875 with :-
>         cat "$am_depcomp" > conftest.dir/depcomp
> from
>         cp "$am_depcomp" conftest.dir
> It works fine now with the cat.

  Hm, that sounds like a file that you have write but not delete permissions
> Can someone look into this please,

  Well, just to state the obvious, /you/ would be the most ideally-placed
person to do so.

  I don't even have Vista, so I'm kinda ruled out there, but I'd take a look
at the perms and ACLs of conftest.dir and the existing depcomp file in there,
using both 'getfacl' to show cygwin's view of the posix-style perms, and
'cacls' to compare with windoze's opinion.

  BTW, you didn't by any chance use winzip to unpack the tarball did you?

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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