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Re: Attack against Cygwin?

Martha Adams wrote:
> Hi, I'm a Cygwin user for some time past; and I check
> my machine frequently using Grisoft AVG Free.  On Aug 10 my AVG found
> something called Obfustat.GCD
> (not Obfustated.GCD) which it said had infested
> several files with particular focus on Cygwin.  I have
> Googled on 'Obfustat.GCD' and today one hit came
> up:
> which is in Japanese but Google does a translation
> of sorts.  This apparently was posted Aug 8, and the
> writer mentions Cygwin.
> On Aug 9 my AVG found 'Win32/Polycrypt' as seven
> or so *.dll files including Byte\Byte.dll, CN\CN.dll, and
> Two attacks in two days, gets my attention.  Does it
> deserve yours, and a general warning?

No - they are almost certainly false positives, and it has already
been noted here.

AVG was reporting Polycrypt and/or Obfustat on various Cygwin files from
Aug 8th to Aug 13th, but the current virus data files seem ok.

-- Cliff

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