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Re: Error when attempting to start inetd

René Berber wrote:

So again, its not working as intended for you. That test was with the older
imapd, which I still have around but not use.

I still think the cause of the problem is a firewall, inetd is allowed to use
ports 110 and 143 but when control is passed to imapd is blocked. So you need
to give imapd the same "permission" that inetd has -- in Windows Firewall its
the Exceptions tab, add the program and make sure it is enabled.

Also make sure that /var/mail and /var/spool/mail are the same directory (one is
a link to the other), I just used File Monitor and saw that imapd does search in
all those places and more, but first in /var/mail, and since I have a symbolic
link it opens /var/spool/mail/<username>.

I added uw-imapd.exe, uw-ipop2d.exe and uw-ipop3d.exe to the exceptions and I made sure that /var/mail and /var/spool/mail are the same directory. When I attempt to run uw-imapd, it still gives no output. I also tried disabling AVG's Email Scanner, but still nothing. If it matters, /var/spool/mail is a link to /var/mail

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