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Re: Trouble with perl fork() and exec()

Reini Urban wrote:
George schrieb:

 > I have a cygwin installation under which I'm running the
 > Net::Server::Fork daemon "munin-node".  For those not aware, munin is
 > a monitoring system which is really easy to use and configure
 > (

> That said, it's not working properly.

Did it work ok with a previous perl version?

It works fine on it's unix counterpart. Also, if I load a plugin that's not a perl script but rather say a shell script it's fine eg: if I grab disk usage using `df` as parsed by a shell script, it never breaks.

54 1039 [main] perl 5936 set_myself: myself->dwProcessId 5936^M
84 1123 [main] perl 5936 child_copy: dll data - hp 0x67C low 0x61100000, high 0x61104BA0, res 1^M
12277544 12278667 [main] perl 5936 child_copy: dll bss - hp 0x67C low 0x6113F000, high 0x611483D0, res 1^M

It would seem the dll bss copy is taking 12 seconds.

Did you try a rebaseall?

I have done that on the host in question. It threw an error about a python dll:

$ ./rebaseall
ReBaseImage (/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/Numeric/arrayfns.dll) failed with last error =6

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