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Re: How to rename file case-sensitive?

Dave Korn wrote:
On 15 August 2007 15:50, Andrew DeFaria wrote:

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Aug 15 00:48, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
Jeff Hawk wrote:
Was that really necessary just to make a fun out of it?
Is quoting ever really necessary?
Dang 2! Not *that's* a long sig. I always chuckle at the silly attempt
to make this legal statement.
Huh? And I'm supposed to do what with this URL?

It's called a 'reference'. You can try things such as 'looking it up' and 'seeing what it says'. It was probably given to you for a reason called 'FYI', and 'because it's directly relevant to what we were just talking about'.

Earlier you showed us that you don't know how to quote. Now you're showing us that you don't know how to click.
Again, huh? Called a reference - no it was not called a reference. The word was not even mentioned. All that was present was a URL. And yes smart ass I know how to click, and read for that matter. Do you? Did you click and read it? I suspect not. Yes it mentioned about disclaimers *for some other group* and about some thing to institute a block, etc. But it wasn't about this group nor about the points I brought up leading me to say "huh" as in *how exactly do you fell that this URL and the page it references is relevant to what I was talking about???* Listen if you or Corina wishes to be terse and not explain things then expect questions.

And I do know how to quote too.
You're not batting well today.
And you're batting below me. Where does that put you?
Andrew DeFaria <>
Yes, I guess, they oughtta name a drink after you. - John Prine

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