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Re: Error when attempting to start inetd

Michael Grand wrote:

> René Berber wrote:
>> What about `inetd --install-as-service`?
> Yes, although possibly not in the version of cygcheck that I attached,
> as I have been through several reinstalls to try and fix this.  I have
> attached a new cygcheck result.
>> does `cygrunsrv -Q inetd` or a `cygrunsrv -L` shows the service?
> This is the output I get from those two commands:
> $ cygrunsrv -Q inetd
> Service             : inetd
> Display name        : CYGWIN inetd
> Current State       : Stopped

That's strange, look at what I see :

$ cygrunsrv -Q inetd
Service             : inetd
Display name        : CYGWIN inetd
Description         : inetd
Current State       : Running
Controls Accepted   : Stop
Command             : /usr/sbin/inetd -D

The last line is the important one, if you used --install-as-service it should
appear on your output (and the lack of description is also strange).

> $ cygrunsrv -L
> exim

So, its not installed...
René Berber

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