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Re: running a GUI app as a service with cygrunsrv

On Tue, 14 Aug 2007, Rob Siklos wrote:

> Hi,
> I've searched google, but couldn't readily find an answer to this.
> What happens if I have a GUI application that I install as a service
> (and set the startup type to Auto) with cygrunsrv.  Is this supported?
> I'm hoping that the window info will just be thrown away, but the app
> will still run fine.

Unlikely.  The app probably expects to be able to at least pop up a

> My problem is that I am trying to automate a connection to a VPN using
> the Cisco VPN Client.  The client which I must use is a GUI application,
> but if the system reboots for some reason, I want the client to start
> even if nobody is there to log in.

I think you want the --interactive/-i flag to cygrunsrv.  Note that this
requires you to run the service as SYSTEM, and, I believe, is no longer
supported on Win2k3 and Vista...
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