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Re: compiling with gmp not working

On Sat, Aug 11, 2007 at 12:10:23PM -0400, Ankit Singla wrote:
> As a matter of fact, I can't seem to use many of the basic build tools 
> cygwin provides. A pidgin-2.1.0 configure tells me I don't have inet_aton or 
> regex, both of which, if I understand correctly, are included in a base 
> cygwin install. The headers for both of those also exist in /usr/include. 
> Calling configure with "CPP_FLAGS=-I/usr/include" (in both of these cases) 
> also results in the same issue.

Think about it for a minute.  What kind of compiler would we be
providing if you had to specifically add -I/usr/include to the command

The question was whether you have installed libgmp-devel.  That's a
separate package from gmp.  You can search for files in packages at:

As to inet_aton not being available, you'd have to inspect the configure
script to see why it thinks it isn't available.  As a wild guess, I'd have
to wonder if you are somehow specifying "gcc -mno-cygwin" on the compile
line but still expecting cygwin header files to be available.


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