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Re: LSA Authentication Packages

Sorry to have bothered you... it turned out to be an issue with _cdecl vs. _stdcall...


Jeff Bromberger wrote:
Hello Corinna,

I found a post you made in late 2006 about the authentication package you created. I have created a very simple "dummy" auth package to do some testing (for my own project, this is unrelated to cygwin). I install it by listing it after msv1_0 in the registry. One thing that is confusing is that LSA calls my LsaApLogonTerminate function a couple of times right at the end of boot up, even though I have never received a call to LsaApLogonUser. I get a call to LsaApInitializePackage and return success. Then a few seconds later I get called into LsaApLogonTerminate. My first platform to test on was server 2003 x64. I received these terminate calls on that platform, but it didn't seem to cause any problems there. But now I am trying it on server 2003 32-bit and LSA causes an exception immediately after calling my LsaApLogonTerminate Function. My function does nothing, just like yours, so I was curious if you ever ran into this problem or had any idea why it might be happening.

Thank you for your time!

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