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Re: cygwin and windows API

Lewis Hyatt wrote:
Steven Woody wrote:

can i directly call Windows APIs ( such as creating a window, reading
from a file ) from a cygwin program written in C ?  if the answer is
yes, i want to know how i should do that, thanks!

Just #include <windows.h> and write whatever windows program you want, it will compile fine with gcc. If your question is how to write windows programs, this list isn't likely to help you out but there is tons of info on the web, you can start here:

The only caution I'd add is that you don't want to mix the usage of
services from both Windows and Cygwin.  For example, you shouldn't
just expect things like sockets created with in the Windows API to work
with Cygwin calls and vice versa.  Also, if your goal is to write a
pure Windows program, you either want to use the '-mno-cygwin' flag
when you build with Cygwin's gcc or use Mingw's.  Either will make
sure you don't rely on Cygwin's runtime, which you don't need for a
pure Windows program.

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