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Re: Problem with the PATH and QMAKESPEC variables

christoph-keller wrote:

> I installed cygwin and had it installed before at another drive on the
> same cumputer. To avoid problems i removed every entry in the registry
> containing "cygwin".
> after the new installation:
> 1. the PATH varible was not set correctly, i could avoid this  with
> PATH="/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:$PATH"

What do you mean by "correctly"?  /usr/local/bin is not added by a Cygwin

> 2. if i execute qmake /usr/lib/qt3/bin/qmake  qmake complains
> that QMAKESPEC is not set correctly.

You probably did not install QT3, if you had /etc/profile.d/ would have several
files that set up your QT3 environment.

> I only want to compile a qmake-Project once from Linux, what do i have
> to do, to get it working?

Your post doesn't have enough information to know... did you setup the users
correctly? (i.e. running mkpasswd and mkgroup), did you installed the packages
you need? (i.e. the X11 a.k.a. XFree stuff) do you know how to use qt3? (the
version available as a package for Cygwin only works with X11, so your statement
"from Linux" may be possible -- if you really meant "for Linux") did you read
/usr/share/doc/Cygwin/qt3-3.3.4.README? (not much info for use, but the
dependencies show X11 and no Windows GDI that's why I assume this in not a
complete QT3, it's only for X11).
René Berber

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