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RE: Looking for man pages

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> [] On Behalf Of Dave Korn
> Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2007 9:34 AM
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> Subject: RE: Looking for man pages
> On 07 August 2007 14:14, Bob McConnell wrote:
> > This is not exactly a cygwin question, but can anyone point me to a
> > decent man page about writing Makefiles for GNU make 3.81? 
>   There's a free version of the o'Reilly book available:
> > I tried to
> > use info, but can't make heads nor tails of the navigation 
> methods for
> > that atrocity.
>   Use the cursor keys to scroll around the page.  Press Enter 
> to follow a
> link, 'l' to go back in the history, 'u' to go up a level in 
> the hierarchy.
>   Try using these instructions to help you read "info info"!

I tried "info make" and then '?'. The first nuisance was not being able
to scroll a line at a time. Having the page jump up half a screen when I
got to the bottom was jarring. But it was the 20 pages of emacs key maps
that actually convinced me I was barking up the wrong tree. Life is too
precious to waste like that. In my case I prefer to spend what little
time I have left with my grandchildren.

Thank you for that link. While it was difficult to figure out what
version of Make it references (3.81 is buried in a comment at the very
bottom of the change history), they did include a copy of the book in
ISO 26300 (.odt) format. That will be very useful.

Bob McConnell

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