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RE: [ADMINISTRIVIA] We soon will be blocking legal disclaimers

Christopher Faylor wrote:
>On Mon, Aug 06, 2007 at 12:18:43PM -0500, DePriest, Jason R. wrote:
>>First, dang your legal disclaimer is long.
>This is just a heads up - in keeping with long-standing site policy, we
>soon will be blocking legal disclaimers detected in email.  So, if you
>have previously sent email here with a disclaimer, it would be in your
>best interest to find some way not to do that if you want to continue
>send email to mailing lists at .
>See: for the current policy.
>If you have concerns or questions about this upcoming change please
>direct them to the overseers mailing list.


Sigh ... if I had a way, I'd clip out the bozo string my employer's
email server tacks onto the end of every message.  The fact that the
client top-posts isn't enough, I guess.  It really gets entertaining
when U receive an email with ten or twelve of these things tacked
onto the end.  If they own the message and/or the medium (which I
don't contest), why must they add the disclaimer to the end of
/internal/ messages?

I guess payback is a bear, though; I just noticed an article the other
day in which IT departments of larger companies are crying the blues
about lack of storage for email.  If they stopped junk like the
disclaimers and sent messages in plaintext rather than HTML (the
latter of which encourages users to add more 'useful' stuff like
wallpapers), things might not be so bad.


This will be my last posting from this account.

Goss ... Innovation for Business

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