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Re: Downloading pieces of Cygwin for non-installers

Joel Rubin wrote:
Quite a few Cygwin programs (and programs developed using Cygwin
compilers) can be run without Cygwin. Almost always one needs
Cygwin1.dll in one's path and perhaps some other DLL's.

Some people use a lot of different computers not theirs (e.g.
repairmen, consultants) and carry around a memory stick or CD/DVD-ROM
of tools, preferably tools which don't need to be installed on the
host computer. (Among other things, if you're looking at a registry
problem, you don't want to run an installation program.)

There are several places which allow you to download some version or
other of Cygwin1.dll.

It occurs to me that it might be useful to be able to download pieces of Cygwin in some form less Unixy than tar.bz2. (e.g. zip files)

One hazard of playing with this sort of thing is that sometimes one
ends up with an old version of Cygwin1.dll in memory and it seems to
be difficult to get rid of it without rebooting.

Many people have installed Cygwin on USB drives or CDs and take it around to the machines they work on. But installations that haphazardly place cygwin1.dll and friends in locations inconsistent with "setup.exe" are highly discouraged and not supported by this list. Typically, this situation arises from someone's attempt to carve up a Cygwin install to include in their installer. Around here, we call them <>. While there is no shortage of these kinds of packages available, this list can't recommend them. And we strongly recommend against creating more that fit into this category. There are good reasons for the packages to be in the form they are and for using 'setup.exe' to install them. While we can't stop others from creating alternative schemes, the most likely result of these attempts will be a broken install for all but the most knowledgeable of users. And that brings us full circle and explains why we can't recommend this approach.

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