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Re: Copy text from secured PDF

On 8/6/07, Joel Rubin  wrote:
> The PDF's in question are part of pump and dump spam via botnets so I
> see no legal or ethical reason to respect any expressed desire of the
> author as to how they may be used.
> I googled that XPDF didn't respect the no copy/no print flags in PDF's
> but the version that I got with Cygwin does and gives me an error
> message when I try to copy text that this file doesn't permit it.
> Of course, I suppose I could look for an old version or cut this
> feature out of the source and recompile (it's probably removable with
> only one or two edits)

My solution is totally not Cygwin-related, but why don't you just
screenshot it and run it through an OCR?


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