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RE: Copy text from secured PDF

I seriously recommend that you consult with a qualified copyright
attorney before you act on your first assumption. You are likely to find
that there are risks you have not considered.

I also believe that asking the Cygwin team to publish an application
that can circumvent those features just to handle this one case, even if
you are correct, should call your ethical standards into question.

Bob McConnell

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> Sent: Monday, August 06, 2007 11:23 AM
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> Subject: Copy text from secured PDF
> The PDF's in question are part of pump and dump spam via botnets so I
> see no legal or ethical reason to respect any expressed desire of the
> author as to how they may be used.
> I googled that XPDF didn't respect the no copy/no print flags in PDF's
> but the version that I got with Cygwin does and gives me an error
> message when I try to copy text that this file doesn't permit it.
> Of course, I suppose I could look for an old version or cut this
> feature out of the source and recompile (it's probably removable with
> only one or two edits)
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