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Re: links

> Can you think of any real justification for
> getting rid of these old-style symlinks?

Yes: a user who wants a portable Cygwin on CD or DVD built by copying from HD will need all links to be of the .lnk newer variety before transfer: these will necessarily be +R on the portable medium and therefore fully functional. The older sort +S will lose the attribute on transfer to CD or DVD, and will therefore fail.

What happens at the moment is that after building your system on HD it's necessary to convert all links to the new style .lnk before transfer. Anything that eases the conversion process (or makes it redundant) would be good.

(Note 1) It is easy to do this conversion with a script, but one still has to remember to do it, and then do it.

(Note 2) Of course, what with ubiquitous large-capacity USB sticks and mobile drives, anybody who wants a mobile Cygwin probably thinks less and less about using CDs and DVDs, and the relevance of this argument for .lnk is more and more reduced.


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