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Re: links

> An explanation of why this ".lnk" ism came into being.   
> I, as I user do not think its justified, but somebody had the idea and sold it, but apparently, we, users were not informed or asked about it.  
> I has also broke other programs that ran fine with, well symbolic limks.  The kind we are used to and do not need ".lnk" extensions for.
> What is the rationale for introducing this monster....  or is there a good one.
> Please let us all know.
> Regards
> P.s. should not need all that nonsense below..    And sorry to say I am not familiar with this r attribute, except as a read(r)permission.  Is the group intentionally trying to be obtuse?

OK, you've just posted to this group for the first time.  You're ignorant of
some basic things about Cygwin and DOS.  Well, that's no sin; people will help
you if you're polite.

But you obviously haven't read the Cygwin documentation, or you would know the
answers to some of your questions.  So now you're starting to irritate people.

And what do you do next?  You insult the project co-leader-- a person who,
unlike you, has earned considerable respect on this list-- and say that
everything must be her/our fault!

Congratulations, you have just alienated the entire community of people who
might have helped you, in your very first post.  This is quite an
accomplishment, I've only rarely seen it done.


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