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Re: The Solution to Ctrl-C problems

On Wed, Aug 01, 2007 at 10:21:48AM -0700, patrickinminneapolis wrote:
>This isn't exactly a cygwin fix, but this is what worked for my problem.  
>I needed a consoleapp launcher to start up when the machine starts. 
>Then I use ssh to give consolelauncher arguments of what console app to
>Then I use ssh to launch another program I wrote in C# which uses
>AttachConsole and GenerateCtrlCEvent to send a CtrlC to the desired console.
>From there I control the console with stdin and stdout redirection as one
>would expect. 
>Kind of a pain in the 
>but whatever. 

You might want to {re,}read the section in
which talks about referring to a problem as "the problem".  I'll quote it

	# Do not assume that your problem is so trivial or so "well known" that
	it does not require any details or background from you.  Many (most?)
	people who report problems fall into the trap of assuming that people
	are "clued into" their mental state when, in most cases, this is not
	the case.

	As a rule of thumb, if you find yourself referring to your problem as
	the problem with XYZ rather than a problem with XYZ then your message
	is suspect.  Using the in this context means that you are assuming that
	your problem is well known.  Unless you can point to an email message
	thread or FAQ entry (either of which is a good idea, btw) please do not
	assume that the readers of your message will be familiar with your


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