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Launching TightVNC over ssh using cygwin

I'm using TightVNC on a remote windows machine for maintenance purposes, communicating via an ssh tunnel (sshd installed using cygwin).

Everything works when I start TightVNC as a Windows service, but I'd like to leave TightVNC turned completely off, and only launch it when I need it. To do that I need to be able to launch it from an ssh command line.

I can ssh in and use cygstart to launch TightVNC, but then when I try to connect to TightVNC the connection is refused. Here's the TightVNC log (first four lines is when I launched TightVNC; rest is my attempted connection):

Wed Aug 01 08:09:54 2007
vncServer.cpp:  trying port number 5900
Wed Aug 01 08:09:55 2007
vncSockConnect.cpp:     started socket connection thread
Wed Aug 01 08:10:09 2007
vncSockConnect.cpp:     accepted connection from
vncClient.cpp:  client connected : (id 1)
vncClient.cpp:  performing VNC authentication
WallpaperUtils.cpp:     KillActiveDesktop
vncService.cpp: unable to open desktop, error=1
vncService.cpp: SelectHDESK failed to close old desktop 24, error=170
vncServer.cpp:  failed to initialize desktop object

No, there's no other copy of TightVNC running.

Any ideas on what abilities Cygwin isn't granting to TightVNC that TightVNC needs for it to work?

Thanks, Dan

Daniel T. Griscom   
Suitable Systems    
1 Centre Street, Suite 204    (781) 665-0053
Wakefield, MA  01880-2400

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