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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: CMake 2.4.6-1

Karl M wrote:

> I tried setup-5.77 from and it aborted
> consistently. Each time it generated the Microsoft error box (Do you want to
> send the details to Microsoft?) at the same place, just after selecting a
> download site and apparently starting to download. I tried it with multiple
> download sites and all failed. One particular site that failed was

There was a double-free introduced in the cleanup I did yesterday.  It
should be fixed in 2.578.

(For anyone interested, the as part of the 2.577 cleanup I made
compress_bz's behavior consistent with that of compress_gz and
archive_tar in that they all "own" their underlying/original io_stream,
so when you delete one you delete both.  But there was still a place in
the ini downloading code where it explicitly deleted both the
uncompressed and the compressed io_stream, leading to the crash.  I am
so not liking all this manual io_stream pointer management, this is
crying out for auto_ptr/shared_ptr or something else sane.)


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