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cygwin 1.5.20-1, spinning pdksh, 100% CPU

I've run into a problem with cygwin 1.5.20-1 and pdksh 5.2.14.  We've
got a pdksh.exe process that is spinning, using all the CPU.
This scenario is very hard to reproduce, but has happened on our test
systems occasionally.  It occurred recently, and I currently have gdb
attached to the process and have the symbols loaded.  I see that pdksh
is continually calling "sigsuspend()", which is immediately returning
from cancelable_wait due to the fact that the signal_arrived event is
set.  I also see that pdksh is waiting for a subprocess to complete, and
has a handle to the PID of that process - however the process has long
since terminated.
It appears that something went wrong during delivery of SIGCHLD.
I've got two questions related to this:
- have there been changes between 1.5.20-1 and 1.5.24-2, or the latest
snapshot, that might have fixed this issue?  We've done some limited
testing with 1.5.24-2 and haven't seen this happen yet, but as I said
the it only happens rarely.
- is there anything I can look at in gdb to help identify what the issue
Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Ernie Coskrey        SteelEye Technology, Inc.      803-808-4275

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