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1.5.24-2: svn over ssh in Vista: Connection reset by peer


I'm experiencing problems with svn over ssh under Windows Vista.
I use the newest cygwin version (1.5.24-2) with openssh 4.6p1-1 and
subversion 1.4.3-1.

When checking out a repository, ssh connects to my server
(Win2003,cygwin,sshd) and svn downloads some files. After a few files
ssh reports "connection closed by peer" and svn checkout aborts.
After that I can issue svn checkout as often I want, and every time it
downloads some new files. However, every time after having transferred
some 200KB the connection breaks down.

I eliminated some possibilites of causes up to now and I think it's
related somehow to the combination of Vista, ssh and svn:
- If I start a VirtualMachine inside my Vista-Host, running a WinXP with
cygwin (openssh 4.5p1, subversion 1.4.2), it works like a charm
(striking out every hardware/network related issue)
- All other clients (mainly XP+cygwin, some Linux) can connect my server
and download whole repository whithout problems (striking out server
- If I connect to my server via VPN and directly access the svn
repository by file:/// it works without problems
- If I connect from Vista via ssh to my server, I can use the connection
as long as I want without interruption (even if I do nothing for hours),
since the server has TCPKeepAlive in its config file

Do you have any hints what it could be or where I should look for the

Stefan D.

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