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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] [test-version] emacs-22.1-3/emacs-el-22.1-3/emacs-X11-22.1-3

On 7/28/2007 10:42 AM, Mark Harig wrote:

If you discover a repeatable set of steps that you can follow that will
cause Emacs to crash, would you please post those to this list?  They
could be used as a test to tell whether Emacs has been built correctly.

I have a tex file that you can use for testing. It reliably produces a crash on my system when I compile it using auctex after starting emacs-22.1-3 from an xterm window. (I use auctex 11.84 and miktex 2.6, but I doubt if that matters.) Here are the detailed steps.

1. Download and unpack

This will create a directory "forest" with a file "forest.tex" and some auxiliary files.

2. cd forest
   emacs -q &

3. M-x load-library RET auctex.el RET

4. C-x C-f forest.tex

5. C-c C-c [accept the default command LaTeX]

6. When the compilation finishes you will see a message "You should run LaTeX again..." Repeat step 5. The crash usually occurs before the second compilation finishes. Sometimes the second compilation works OK but then it crashes if I try it a third time. (This time the default command for C-c C-c will be View, and you have to enter LaTeX instead.)

If you want to repeat the whole experiment, delete the files forest.log, forest.dvi, and forest.aux that latex creates. My own experience is that, after the first crash, I often get crashes at an earlier stage when I repeat the process. For example, sometimes emacs crashes at step 3 when I type M-x or at step 4 when I type C-x C-f.


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