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Re: sshd: public key working, but can't get passwords working

At 8:36 AM -0500 7/30/07, Michael Hipp wrote:
Daniel Griscom wrote:
At 7:32 PM -0500 7/29/07, René Berber wrote:
Back to the original problem: did you use ssh-user-config?  (I guess you did
since you had to copy the public key).

No; I'd thought that ssh-user-config was to configure an account that was to be an ssh client (e.g. one within which I'd use ssh to connect to another machine). I copied the public key from another workstation from which I've used ssh public key connections for a number of servers.

What you reported about the log is simple, the password used is not correct...
it should prompt you 3 times and then close the connection; or the configuration
does not allow password authentication, let's check this last one:

In /etc/sshd_config you should have:

#PasswordAuthentication yes
#PermitEmptyPasswords no
#UsePAM no

All three lines are present and commented out (as above).

I thought you were trying to use public/private key authentication, not password authentication?

Sorry: public key works, and is great, but I'd also like the option of password authentication, and sshd always refuses my password.

If so, then the first line above needs to be uncommented and changed to 'no'. (Remember to keep a session open while you're testing changes, and any changes won't become "live" until sshd is restarted on the host.)

I think you said you were using authorized_keys2 as the public key file, try using ~/authorized_keys (note the missing '2').

Has authorized_keys supplanted authorized_keys2? (I've always used the latter, and it's working in this situation, but perhaps I'm accumulating bad juju...)

Thanks, Dan

Daniel T. Griscom   
Suitable Systems    
1 Centre Street, Suite 204    (781) 665-0053
Wakefield, MA  01880-2400

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