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Re: sshd: public key working, but can't get passwords working

Daniel Griscom wrote:
>> Do you happen to have a domain user as well as a local user?
> I don't know the difference. I'm not at the machine now, but it's a
> vanilla Windows installation. All machines on my network are in
> workgroup MSHOME. I created one account when installing windows,
> "development". I told ssh-host-config to create the sshd user, but I
> don't know of any other users created.
> How would I test this?

What I meant is that you could have a user named development as a local user,
and (a different) domain-user with the same name.  I did not mean a "domain"
user, just if there was several "development" users.

It looks like the answer is no.

Back to the original problem: did you use ssh-user-config?  (I guess you did
since you had to copy the public key).

What you reported about the log is simple, the password used is not correct...
it should prompt you 3 times and then close the connection; or the configuration
does not allow password authentication, let's check this last one:

In /etc/sshd_config you should have:

#PasswordAuthentication yes
#PermitEmptyPasswords no
#UsePAM no

Those are the defaults, that's why they are commented.
René Berber

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