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Re: .Xdefaults file?

Linda Walsh wrote:
> I'm trying to setup defaults for xterm.
> I "thought" I could put resource values in "~/.Xdefaults" (also tried
> ~/.Xrdb), and tried the "xrdb" command with .Xdefaults as a param.
> xrdb -query properly displays current contents of the file if
> I rerun xrdb .Xdefaults.

~/.Xdefaults works fine.

> I "thought" I could put in things like
> <xprogram>.resourcename: value, or for xterm
> xterm.background: black
> xterm.foreground: white

Looks good, I only have global and rxvt changes:
! Rxvt defaults

! Global
*font:                          "Lucida Console-*-12"
*font1:                         "Lucida Console-*-14"
*font2:                         "Lucida Console-*-16"
*saveLines:                     1500
*termName:                      cygwin
*scrollBar_right:               True
*geometry:                      80x24
*loginShell:                    True

! Default
Rxvt.background:                SteelBlue
Rxvt.foreground:                White
Rxvt.colorBD:                   Blue
Rxvt.colorUL:                   Red
Rxvt.cursorColor:               Yellow

> ---
> I've tried "XTerm" and "Xterm" as variations but
> each time I start xterm, it's not picking up my desired
> defaults.

Don't know what's going on here.

> Is this "easily" doable?  Am I on a "right track" somewhere? Or could
> someone give pointer? (or even to the doc where I *should* have found
> the answer I was looking for).

Installing Cygwin/X does leave a menu group on your Programs list, called
Cygwin-X, just look at the properties of any entry... and yes, xterm is already
there.   Perhaps it was in a separate package, not just installing X.
Renà Berber

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