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.Xdefaults file?

I've been playing around with "xterm".  Unlike my last system,
my current system scrolls much faster in an xterm window (before
it was about twice or more slower than a cmd window; now it's about
twice as fast!).

I'm trying to setup defaults for xterm.

I "thought" I could put resource values in "~/.Xdefaults" (also tried
~/.Xrdb), and tried the "xrdb" command with .Xdefaults as a param.
xrdb -query properly displays current contents of the file if
I rerun xrdb .Xdefaults.

I "thought" I could put in things like
<xprogram>.resourcename: value, or for xterm
xterm.background: black
xterm.foreground: white
I've tried "XTerm" and "Xterm" as variations but
each time I start xterm, it's not picking up my desired

I'm sketchy on my raw "X" operations -- I've gotten it
to work on other *nixes, but no go on cygwin.  I have a feeling
I may be doing something incorrectly.

I assume this works in cygwin, _somehow_.  I've tried looking
through X-man pages, but don't find references to defaults except
in references to ".Xdefaults".

Any "clues" would be appreciated...

BTW -- would would be the impact (if it is even possible), of
having "xterm" (or "a" xterm) marked as a GUI rather than a
CMD-line util?  In practical terms, it really is a "GUI" for
and it'd be a bit "neat" if I could "xterm" w/o opening a shell
window with each xterm or, alternatively, multiple xterms from one
cmd window, but that would be inflexible.

I suppose I could have the "cmd" (assuming I could figure out the
proper CMD-language invocations, check the contents or wait on the
contents of a communication file, or a pipe, and "subsequent"
xterm invokations might send a message to the original cmd window
to open another "xterm".

Invoking xterm from an existing xterm doesn't seem to allow me to
"reset" bash to a login shell (or re-init its environment) -- so
I end up with prompts like (2)/prog>.  In order to not spawn off
multiple shells just to get to 1 bash shell I am interested in,
and to help me keep track of how nested I am, the number in parens
in the prompt displays the number of nested "bash" shells I'm into.
This really helps to "not" accidentally exit from the "base" shell,
but also gives me clues about wasted or undesired bash invocations.

Is this "easily" doable? Am I on a "right track" somewhere? Or could
someone give pointer? (or even to the doc where I *should* have found
the answer I was looking for).


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