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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] [test-version] emacs-22.1-3/emacs-el-22.1-3/emacs-X11-22.1-3

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Mark Harig schrieb:
> If you discover a repeatable set of steps that you can follow that will
> cause Emacs to crash, would you please post those to this list?  They
> could be used as a test to tell whether Emacs has been built correctly.
> In addition, your steps might be tested with Emacs on another platform
> (most commonly, a UNIX-like system) to determine whether the problem is
> specific to the Cygwin implementation of Emacs.

Yes, that would be really helpfully.

> My guess is that the problem that you are seeing cannot be resolved
> easily.  Here are three approaches that might be taken, none of which
> is trivial:

I completely agree.

> 1. Identify the C code in the Emacs 22 source that needs to be
>   "back-ported" to gcc 3.4.4 so that the problem you are seeing
>   does not occur.  A patch could then be applied to Emacs 22 so
>   that it could run error free on Cygwin.

I'll try to setup a debug environment to go this way. But I cannot
guarantee for fast results. So if someone else is making gcc4 ready for
cygwin, I wouldn't be averse to it.  :)

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