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Re: perl5.8.8 SEGfault and corrupt stack

On Sun, Jul 29, 2007 at 04:14:30AM -0700, Linda Walsh wrote:
>On Sat, Jul 28, 2007 at 08:19:04PM -0700, Linda Walsh wrote:
>> Reini Urban wrote:
>>> Linda Walsh schrieb:
>>>>  I'm having problems with perl5.8.8.  I tried running it under gdb, but
>>>> it won't load:
>>>>  > gdb perl.exe
>>>> GNU gdb 6.3.50_2004-12-28-cvs (cygwin-special)
>>>> (gdb) run
>>>> Starting program: /usr/bin/perl.exe
>>>> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
>>>> 0x610b48b6 in pthread_key_create () from /usr/bin/cygwin1.dll
>>> Cannot reproduce. Is this a fresh re-install without site_perl or with your
>>> broken setup as stated in perl5-porters?
>>My "broken setup" was caused by trying to upgrade to 5.8.8 from 5.8.7.
>>I ran into incompatibilities and decided to re-install & update the
>>modules from scratch.  I 1st removed "site_perl" then installed 5.8.8.
>>I then used the CPAN to upgrade itself then the new "update" command to
>>bring my module list back to current.  After some manual installs to
>>get around cygwin-specific ".dll" replacement issues, I'm only left
>>with "Image::Magick" that won't update.  Fails with many errors,
>>starting with bad compiler options.
>>Calling my "setup" broken after I detailed on p5p steps to fix it seems
>>unnecessarily confrontational, but this is the cygwin list....1/2 :-)
>Brian Dessent wrote:
>>You're using an outdated version of gdb and you're seeing this phony
>>SIGSEGV because of it.
>Awesome! Thanks.  Not sure why, but 'setup' didn't think I had gdb
>installed, so it never offered me a newer version...weird.

Maybe you shouldn't be quite so indignant about the notion of your
setup being "broken".


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