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Re: rysnc under cygwin hangs and doesn't clean up its processes - please help - cygwin 1.5.24-2,

Joel Harrison wrote:
Background - I'm trying to turn off my linux box and save some
electricity by using rsync on windows to do my geographically
redundant backup to my ISP (site5 - $5/110GB/mo) ... I'd rather not
load up a resource hog VM to do it if I can avoid that... even DSL
would be more of a resource hog than cygwin.

Technical: rsync on cygwin always hangs. Works fine on CentOS. I've
been looking into this issue for 5-10 hours so far.

I can scp/ssh fine to the target with ssh keys installed or not, only
rsync hangs. I read about piping issues in rsync on cygwin from years
back, but it seems to me like perhaps they are not resolved? Just my

I know this isn't much help but just thought I'd mention that I'm using rsync from Windows->Linux on a number of boxes with no problems. Some of them have very large file sets to transfer. It works. The problems with rsync, I think, were actually ssh problems and appear to have been long fixed.

What exact command are you using to issue rsync?

What's the O/S of the host and what version of rsync is it running? I've seen compatibility problems with different versions of rsync.


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