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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] [test-version] emacs-22.1-3/emacs-el-22.1-3/emacs-X11-22.1-3

Angelo Graziosi wrote:

(As I discussed some time on this list and others, I use GCC-4.0.4 to build Emacs: with 3.4.4 the result is highly unstable (at least for me), but this does not seem the case of 21-3)

OK. It does not appear that gcc 4.x will be available for Cygwin soon, according to the discussion that started with this message in May 2007:

If you discover a repeatable set of steps that you can follow that will
cause Emacs to crash, would you please post those to this list?  They
could be used as a test to tell whether Emacs has been built correctly.
In addition, your steps might be tested with Emacs on another platform
(most commonly, a UNIX-like system) to determine whether the problem is
specific to the Cygwin implementation of Emacs.

My guess is that the problem that you are seeing cannot be resolved
easily.  Here are three approaches that might be taken, none of which
is trivial:

1. Identify the C code in the Emacs 22 source that needs to be
  "back-ported" to gcc 3.4.4 so that the problem you are seeing
  does not occur.  A patch could then be applied to Emacs 22 so
  that it could run error free on Cygwin.

2. Make gcc 4.0.4 available for Cygwin.  Get it tested and past
  the experimental stage.

3. Wait until gcc 4.2.x (or a later gcc 4.4, etc.) has been ported
  to Cygwin.


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