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file visible to Windoze but not Cygwin- possible causes?


I've got a short c++ program that is apparently corrupting memory as
I get link errors trying to overwrite the old executable after running it
because someone thinks the file is still in use by a process I can no longer find.
The program is not visible to cygwin "ls" and "find" complains

$ find -name "*"
find: ./a.exe: No such file or directory

I can see it in Windoze explorer and delete it after rebooting as Windoze
no longer things the file is busy. None of the processes that used the executable
seem to exist with "ps" or task manager.

What is going on with the file? Sometimes I get file-busy problems
while the anti-virus software is scanning giga-byte files I'm trying to
throw out but otherwise haven't seen a problem like this.

It seems to be a very specific failure mode as the program doesn't die and moving around code and changing optimization flags just changed the datasets on which the problem occurs. I haven't been able to get it to occur with no optimizations specified but possibly I haven't found the right data. Kind of odd for a flakey bug to be so specific.

I'm quite certain I have a simple dumb bug in my code but I am
curious about the specific problem it seems to generate.


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