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Re: Emacs takes 100% CPU

> I switched to the emacs 22.1 available through cygwin, and it seems fine. I also started cygserver (adding the environment variable).
> Is the xemacs-emacs-common package required for emacs 22.1 ?

It can be, depending on whether you need to use the 'b2m' or 'rcs-checkin' programs
that are normally included in emacs distributions. Because xemacs also includes these
two programs, there was a conflict if someone attempted to install both the emacs
and xemacs packages. (In many other distributions, conflicts like this have been
resolved by creating packages with names such as 'emacsen-common'.) In addition,
if you write programs in Emacs Lisp and want to use Emacs's tag feature, then
you will need to install the 'ctags' package also because Emacs's 'etags' program
is not being included in the Cygwin Emacs package.

These requirements were listed in the announcement and in the Cygwin README
for Emacs.


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