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Re: how to build cygwin using itself

zooko wrote:

> > "cvs co cygwin"
> This doesn't work for me:
> -------
> $ cvs co cygwin
> cvs server: cannot find module `cygwin' - ignored
> cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot expand modules
> -------

Okay, sorry, "winsup" is the right name of the module, not cygwin.  But
checking out the module "winsup" should have gotten you the toplevel,
etc/, include/, libiberty/, newlib/, and winsup/:

winsup          -a src-support naked-winsup naked-libiberty naked-newlib

If you did "cvs co winsup" and only got a winsup directory and not all
those others, then something is wrong with your cvs client

And again, just to make sure: you are running the toplevel
configure/make, right?

> Hm.  Looking at the CVS layout it appears that I might need "src/",
> which is the common parent of "winsup/" and "newlib/".

That would be extreme overkill, as src is home to a large number of
projects, of which cygwin is just a small subset.  The modules file
above shows how the various subdirectories are parts of various


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