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RE: Compiling a Linux kernel using Cygwin

Cross compiling on Cygwin is not foolish at all. I have two commercial
SDKs set up that way and know of more than a few other people doing just
that. I target both ARM7 and Motorola CPUs. In both cases the SDK
installed on top of my existing Cygwin configuration and just worked.

But you might have some luck finding applicable help on the Digi support
forums <>. The Digi ConnectME and
related devices use the ARM7 and are available in configurations
optimized for Linux. Basically they put the CPU, RAM, flash Ethernet and
serial ports all in an RJ-45 connector shell. The original version used
Cygwin and GCC with the NetSilicon NetOS 6 kernel, but due to customer
demand they added options for Linux.

You will find the Linux support forums under Embedded Modules and

Bob McConnell

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> [] On Behalf Of Claudio Scordino
> Sent: Friday, July 27, 2007 10:43 AM
> To:
> Subject: Compiling a Linux kernel using Cygwin
> Hi all,
>    I have to compile a Linux kernel using Cygwin on Windows 
> XP (I know, it's a 
> very silly thing, but it does not depend on me, unfortunately...).
> I already have a gcc cross-compile toolchain for my target 
> (arm) installed on 
> Windows.
> I already installed gcc-core, gcc-g++, binutils, cpio, make, 
> patch, tar, vim, 
> gettext, libintl and libncurses on cygwin (do I need something else?).
> Since I assume that I need symbolic links, I use an ext2 
> filesystem on a USB 
> PenDrive, using the ext2fsd driver for Windows.
> However, I'm receiving a lot of errors, everywhere.
> Some of them:
> 1) Sometimes when compiling, I receive the error "cannot mv 
> file A to B: invalid 
> request code".
> However, the system allows me to manually copy file A on B 
> and then remove file 
> A (which is almost the same thing, so I wonder why the mv 
> command does not work).
> 2) I'm not able of doing a "make menuconfig" even using the host gcc.
> The system does not find ncurses libraries. But I've installed them!
> Does anybody know how to solve these problems ?
> More general question: did anybody build succesfully a Linux 
> kernel under cygwin?
> Any hel and suggestion is very welcome.
> Many thanks in advance,
>            Claudio
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