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Re: Using RSH on Windows 2003 server? wrote:
I realize that ssh is safer, but my boss said that he wants rsh because
that is what the rest of our computers are running, or something along
those lines.  I even got ssh to work, and he still said that he wanted
rsh.  Believe me, I was pushing for ssh.  I now get a different answer,
however, when I run rsh commands ("Permission denied.")  Is anyone
willing to help?


* (Thu, 26 Jul 2007 11:05:17 -0400)
I'm trying to rsh into a computer that is running Windows 2003 server,
but I get the error "No Remote Directory."  I can, however, ftp and
telnet into that same box, and when I ping it, the test comes back as
successful.  Anyone have any ideas?

<broken record> rsh is an inherently unsecure protocol. Don't use it. Don't use the excuse that this is on a local corporate network only. You have no idea who's sniffing on your network. Better use a secure protocol instead, like ssh. All services provided by the OBSOLETE rsh/rlogin/telnet interfaces are provided in a much more secure way by ssh. </broken record>

At my former place of employment(>8 years ago) I once typed 'rsh tim' and found myself logged in as the CIO, with root privilege. I think this should indicate why the <broken record> response above had already gained some adherents.

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