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Re: proftpd as a service under 2003

On Thu, 26 Jul 2007, René Berber wrote:
Chris Stromsoe wrote:

How did you setup proftpd as service?

cygrunsrv --install proftpd --path /usr/sbin/proftpd.exe --args "nodaemon" --type auto --disp "Cygwin proftpd" --desc "ProFTP FTP daemon" --user sshd_server -e CYGWIN="ntsec"

Is that a typo? the option nodaemon is written as --nodaemon or -n.

it's a typo. It's "--nodaemon".

"cygrunsrv --start proftpd" after that fails.

If I run without specifying --user, proftpd runs as SYSTEM.  It does not
change users at all.  If I log in with other users and upload files, the
files all end up owned by the SYSTEM user.

I know all about that, but you can see your result, the error message you posted clearly states that the user could not change to SYSTEM... again: did you configyro proftpd correctly?

It's the default configuration.

Which, it turns out is the problem. Thanks for the hint. Apparently, the created user (sshd_server) can't switch to SYSTEM at startup, but has no problems switching to other users after proftpd is already running. So /etc/proftpd.conf needs to specify the same user that you give to cygrunsrv, or it won't start the service.

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