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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] [test-version] emacs-22.1-3/emacs-el-22.1-3/emacs-X11-22.1-3

Angelo Graziosi:

Ken Brown wrote:

Emacs-22.1-3 aborts with a core dump when I try to compile a large latex document

I observe a similar behaviour with a document of about 43 page.

The same thing happens using 'M-x compile' with a my application that
gives about 2000 line of link errors: emacs simply dies!

The problem doesn't occur with my cited build of emacs 22.1.

The following information might be helpful in investigating this problem:

1. Provide a detailed list of the steps (Emacs commands)
that you are running to reproduce the problem. This
should include a document file that is input into Emacs, preferably included as an attachment to your
message, and compressed using bzip2 or gzip.

2. Provide a detailed list of the steps that you took
   to create your emacs binaries.  This should include
   a copy of the output of 'configure' (again, included
   as a compressed text file attached to your message).
   Unfortunately, the Emacs documentation is opaque
   about what environment must be available during the
   configuration stage.

I, for one, will look at this information if you provide
it to help investigate what is causing the problem.  Others
might find it useful, too.  Once a solution has been found
it should be possible to include the proper steps in the
cygport for Emacs so that it can be used going forward with
later releases of Emacs.


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